"I wrote this novel for my father, to send him on one last adventure with my mother... before they say goodbye forever."

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DWG chapter3Now published: chapter 3!
Unfortunately, there was someone else who failed to think of cancer; Mary’s doctor, the man who killed her. At least, that was how John saw it. Deep inside, he knew that it would have been a lost battle anyway, but it was much easier to blame the doctor. After all, you can’t punch cancer in the face.
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A friend in need...

Written by Martin. Posted in Blog.

miracles happen every day by erelonhart-d55pbs8A friend of mine texted me in distress tonight. He wanted to know if he could come over and talk. I like talking, so I invited him over. He’s the kind of friend that you hardly every talk to, but when you do, you get along really well and you keep telling each other that ‘you really have to do this more often.’ But you never do.

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Want to punish your readers? Use DRM!

Written by Martin. Posted in Blog.

authors-against-DRMWhen I first entered negotiations with my publisher, I had only one demand: my novel will not be given any form of copy protection. Needless to say, even for a sole demand, it was a tough one. ‘You mean mild copy protection right?’ ‘No, I mean no copy protection. None, zilch, nada’. If I ever saw panic in someone’s eyes, it was at that exact moment.

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DWG in Dutch

You probably won't be able to read it, but still it is nice to know that Dinner with God has been published in the Netherlands, titled Dansen met Herinneringen (Dancing with Memories). You can order the novel here, and of course there also is an e-book version.

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I am currently working on setting up a Kickstarter campaign. As soon as it is up and running, the Dinner with God project will be relaunched. I would very much appreciate your support. More information will follow.